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Every client and every shoot it unique. We go over what you would like.  We make it happen.

We go over the specifics of your shoot.  I suggest options.  Ultimately, you pick that which is right for you.

I do Photoshop/retouching. Hair and makeup/stylist is an option.  Location or studio, time you have to spend, budget constraints are all considerations.

Basically, all options are available.  It’s all about what’s right for you.

Any understandings and pricing can be confirmed is writing.

Of course,  feel free to contact me.   I’m happy to just talk about what you are going for and answer questions.

As shown on my opening page, my cell is 703 472 4400.  My email is [email protected].

I prefer to give you a confirmed price for your specific job as opposed to a general listing of prices.  When I quote based on your specific needs, you get a lower price.But a listing of price ranges for shoots is shown below.  The rate for your job may be lower or a higher than those  shown.


Headshots  for actors and models: $200 to $300.

Headshots for beauty pageants:  $250 to $400.

Model composite photos:  $200 to $300. Note, as more looks are included, the rate per look can come down.  For example, if five looks are done, the last look could be $50/$75.

Family Portraits: from $300 to $700.  Pricing is based on the location, on location/in studio, your specific requirements.

Weddings: $500 to $3000.  For a simple exchange of vows, it can be in the lower range.  For full day, getting ready, ceremony, reception, bridal photos prior to the day of the wedding, engagement photos, more inclusive, then it’s in the higher range.  Just for info, I also work with a female photographer which can be a nice touch for the bride. In that case, you get two photographers.

When it comes to still life, products, catalogue, more diverse projects, I will give you a quote based on discussion of what you require.

What you get: You will get a CD of all of the shots done.  I do Photoshop/retouching.  Retouched photos can be in any file sizes from for use on the web./Facebook, etc. to large files for large prints.  We can review what we are shooting at the time of the shoot.  Basically, all of the bases are covered.



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